Tina Peters Ron Hanks

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and state Rep. Ron Hanks, unsuccessful candidates for secretary of state and U.S. Senate, respectively, in Colorado's 2022 Republican primary

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters and state Rep. Ron Hanks, R-Canon City, have both filed a second request for hand recounts tied to the June 28 primary.

Hanks is seeking a recount only in El Paso and Pueblo counties. Peters, meanwhile, is seeking a statewide recount. 

Peters lost by 14 percentage points to former Jeffco Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson for the GOP race for Secretary of State. Hanks lost by more than 8 percentage points to Joe O'Dea for the GOP nod for the U.S. Senate.

Both also are seeking a laundry list of other data, most of which the Secretary of State's Office said would have to come from each individual county.

The requests asked for all "Cast Vote Records"; ballot drop box records; video surveillance of drop boxes, sorting and counting rooms; adjudication and tabulation rooms; records related to signature verification, records and reports on voter registration and voter history; and, all electronic voting system logs.

Cast vote records, ballot drop box records, video surveillance, signature verification and electronic voting system logs are all held and maintained by county clerks, according to a spokesperson for Secretary of State Jena Griswold. Only the voter registration and history is available from the Secretary of State's office.

Within 24 hours, the Secretary of State's Office will provide an estimate of the cost for the recount, although it will not conduct a hand recount. That's because long-existing rules in the elections division allow only for a recount using the same manner in which the primary votes were counted, and that was done by machine tabulation.

When Hanks and Peters asked two weeks ago for a statewide recount, they were presented with an estimated cost of $236,179 each. Neither came up with the certified funds by a July 17 deadline. 

Three other GOP candidates for the General Assembly also submitted requests for hand recounts. They also requested the same data as Peters and Hanks asked for. 

Lynda Zamora Wilson, who lost the GOP primary for Senate District 9 in Monument to Sen. Paul Lundeen, is seeking a recount. Wilson lost by 32 percentage points to Lundeen.

In the Colorado Springs-based House District 21, Karl Dent, Sr. is seeking a recount of his loss to Rep. Mary Bradfield. Dent also lost by more than 30 percentage points. 

In House District 18, also in Colorado Springs, Summer Groubert is seeking a recount of her 35 percentage point loss to Shana Black.

An automatic state-paid recount is triggered only when the difference between the winning candidate and second-place candidate is 0.05% or less of the winning vote. None of the candidates seeking recounts came close to that margin, so they will have to pay for those recounts. 

A coalition calling itself the Colorado Recount Coalition held a fundraiser on Sunday in El Paso County to raise money for the recounts. The website also lists four candidates for offices in El Paso County who intend to seek recounts.