The man accused of going on a shooting rampage across Denver and Lakewood on Monday had gun safes insides the walls of his former home, which was raided by law enforcement shortly after he moved out, the home's current owner said Tuesday.

Gabriel Thorn purchased his home from Lyndon McLeod in 2016 and described McLeod as a "strange guy" who "disappeared off the face of the earth" following the sale.

Five people were killed, including the suspected shooter, and three others were injured when a series of shootings began after 5 p.m. in Denver and ended with the suspect dying in a shootout with police in Lakewood, according to the Denver Police Department. Surveillance footage provided by In and Out Liquor, which is adjacent to Lucky 13 Tattoo at 1550 Kipling St., appears to show the suspected shooter enter the tattoo shop holding a gun Monday night. The shooter is inside for only 10 seconds before walking out and driving away.

"There were a few strange things here when we moved in, notably hidden gun safes in the walls and some animal skulls in the garage," Thorn told The Denver Gazette. "He didn't disconnect his internet or cable and we couldn't get in touch with him for any of it. We still get his mail."

Thorn said the Denver Police Department raided his home about a month after he moved in for a "suspected marijuana grow (McLeod) had been running in this little room in our garage," he said. 

McLeod owned Flat Black Ink Corp., which he incorporated with the Colorado Secretary of State's Office in June 2005, public records show. A company with the same name published the "masculine fiction" trilogy "Sanction," written by Roman McClay, according to the books' Amazon page. The three books were published between 2018 and 2020.

The book's main character is Lyndon McLeod, who goes on a six-month killing rampage, killing 46 people who had wronged him throughout his life.

When a reporter showed Thorn photos of McClay and a YouTube interview he gave, Thorn identified the author as McLeod.

"Oh yeah," Thorn wrote, "that's definitely him."

Using the alias McClay, McLeod made several appearances on podcasts and YouTube channels to discuss his books.