Google Survey FAQ

Google Survey FAQ

Google Survey is a one or sometimes two question consumer microsurvey powered by Google that provides data to businesses and generates revenue to to offset production costs and grow the quality of our online news product.

The Google privacy policy does not allow publishers to track user behavior through Google Consumer Survey engagement. Publishers cannot track individual users or individual responses using third party tracking solutions or any other means. Answers collected by Google are anonymous and personal information from users is not collected for ad retargeting or other purposes. See more about Google privacy policies here:

All answers are anonymous and identifying information is not collected. The aggregated answers to the questions are provided to businesses to provide insight into our visitors’ tastes, habits, opinions and lifestyles as consumers and citizens.

We want to continue to provide you with unlimited access to content on so you can get the news and information you have come to rely upon. Our success in administrating these privacy protected surveys, which take only a few seconds, will help us do that.

Google Survey will appear on select article pages and other internal pages. It will not appear on’s Home Page.

Google Survey questions are tracked by cookies. Google Survey will set a cookie in your browser to indicate when you participated in a survey.

Google Survey questions are tracked by cookies. Google Survey will set a cookie in your browser to indicate when you participated in a survey.

If you do any of the following, you may be prompted to retake a Google Survey:

  • Prevent cookies being set in your browser
  • Browse in private mode
  • Clear your cookies after participating in a survey

You can always put an exception for in your cookie blocking rules.

Another option is to sign into your account. If you do not have an account, please look at our subscription offers.

Subscribers bypass the surveys.

The survey box will disappear once the reader answers the question(s), logs into their e-Edition account or shares the article on social media.

The questions are primarily product based; they may also be issue or gender related. The questions can also be demographically or behaviorally targeted.

Revenues from banner ads help offset the costs of producing our digital content, but like print ads they’re just part of the overall revenue equation for a modern newspaper operation.

Most media websites today either use subscriptions, forced video commercials or surveys to offset their costs. As newspaper and media companies continue to evolve in a rapidly changing digital age they are increasingly looking for ways to offset the costs of producing and distributing content across multiple platforms, and Google Survey is one of a number of options.

We do not sell or produce the Google Surveys that run on our site, you would have to connect with Google directly at

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