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What you need to know before you list your home - How to gain flexibility and buying power in today’s real estate market.

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Find your dream home.

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It’s no secret that the Denver housing market is hot. According to Redfin, homes are going from list to pending in under five days. And as Channel 7 reports, the market is likely to stay “hot, hot, hot.” In a comment echoed among neighbors around the area, one homebuyer noted “If something you like goes on the market, you have to be ready to act on it immediately.”

That’s fine if you don’t have a house to sell first, but what if you do? Maybe you need more room, or less. Maybe it’s time to cut that commute down to size. Or your new work-from-home schedule means you can move further from the office.

Whatever the reason you need or want to move, the key is being ready to buy. So, what if selling your house wasn’t necessary to buy a new one?

Introducing Orchard’s Move First service.

With Orchard’s Move First service, you can unlock equity to buy your next home without rushing to sell first. And when it’s time to sell, Orchard takes the lead with the preparation and follow-up to reduce the work and eliminate the stress.

How it works

1. It starts with a free home assessment - get yours today here!

Tell us a bit about your current home and goals, and we’ll match you with one of our experienced Home Advisors. They’ll answer any questions while we conduct a home assessment to determine your Instant Equity -- the amount you can unlock to buy before you sell.

And there’s no obligation. With Orchard’s assessment, you have the knowledge to decide the best course of action for you.

2. If you do proceed, you can buy before you sell

Get up to 90% of your home value upfront to put toward your new home purchase. With your Instant Equity, you become a non-contingent buyer and can make a strong offer even before we list your home.

3. Sell without the stress

After you move, we’ll handle getting your home list-ready with a complimentary cleaning, professional photos, and a 3D tour. When your home sells to a new buyer, you’ll receive the additional proceeds above your instant equity amount.

Learn how Orchard can help. Get a home valuation and market assessment, without obligation.

Orchard is a better way to buy and sell your home

If you’re buying and selling a house with a mortgage all at once, things can get a little tricky. And being a contingent buyer in this market isn’t advisable. In today’s housing market, you need to be ready when the right home comes along. Orchard’s Move First option provides the best of both worlds - the financial position to buy a new home on your terms and a way to optimize the value of your current home. All while reducing the work for you and eliminating the stress.

If you’ve been thinking about moving but have been reluctant because you don’t want to get stuck between two transactions or make a quick decision, let Orchard help.

Start today with a free estimate for your home!

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