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Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy works against Atlanta defensive back Darqueze Dennard during the first half Nov. 8 in Atlanta.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but somehow, this year, it does - I listen to experts. Give me years of study and research over some tinfoil-hat YouTube prophet twice on Sundays and every other day, forever.

However you can’t do much when the Denver Broncos don’t do much.

Last weekend I did exactly what our prognosticator recommended. But Jerry Jeudy and Jason Witten didn’t have statistically impressive enough games Sunday and all three of the bets fell short.

I’m confident there was experience and logic behind those picks, but this is a strange science. This beginner will continue to listen to them as I continue to educate myself. They certainly know more about all of this. In fact, why are you reading this column when you could be reading theirs? No offense if you want to jump ship now.

OK, sinkers, you were warned. Here’s this week’s Crackerjack idea.

I sought advice from readers a few weeks back and heard about an intriguing concept fabulously dubbed Moneyline Parlayapalooza. He explained it better than I ever could.

“The idea is to combine a handful of heavy (-10 to -17 range) home favorites' moneylines (straight up who wins, no spread), and then anchor it with a smaller favorite (-7 or so) you really like. This kind of bet can really only be done in college football. Even if there are some big lines in the NFL, the likelihood of one of them losing (and, thus, losing your whole parlay) is a lot bigger.”

It was acknowledged that this year, with games being cancelled left and right, things are crazier than usual. But taking mostly heavy home college football favorites is “actually quite safe” and “more successful than not” in his experience. No financial sums to back that statement up were offered.

I’m not sure Mr. Palooza would accept expert status, but I’m listening to him this week anyway. We're in the research phase.

Join me on this bizarre journey? And please - in addition to or instead of - send your own suggestions regarding what’s worked for you lately.

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