What a wild Week 7 in the NFL. We had an overtime thriller in Arizona, a comeback for the ages against Atlanta, a beatdown in Denver and a shootout in Cincinnati. Whatever side of the action you were on, one thing is for sure: The NFL did not disappoint this week.

The Falcons had the win in the bag, all they had to do was go down at the 1-yard line, but Todd Gurley accidentally fell into the end zone and gave the ball back to the Lions, who won the game on a buzzer-beating throw from Matthew Stafford to T.J. Hockenson. This is the third game the 1-6 Falcons have lost after having a win probability of 95% or greater, something to keep in mind for future live wagers.

Cardinals backers ended up on top in a game that was filled with back-and-forth action. D.K. Metcalf had perhaps the play of the year chasing down Budda Baker on an interception, saving a pick-six — Baker clocked the second-fastest top speed of the weekend, but it was still not enough to get away from Metcalf. The Cardinals failed to score on the drive and for much of the game it looked like Metcalf saved the day. However, the Cardinals erased a double-digit second-half deficit to win the game. This exciting shootout was the first game to result in an over all year for the Cardinals.

The Chiefs scored passing, rushing, special teams and defensive touchdowns against the Broncos. Despite the fact the Chiefs only had 314 total yards, they beat the Broncos 43-16, covering the spread by 19 points.

Baker Mayfield played his best game of the season, throwing for a career-high five touchdowns. He started 0-for-5 passing with an interception and with Odell Beckham, then finished the game completing 22 of his last 23 passes for 297 yards and five touchdowns with NO Beckham. The Browns are 5-2, and the performance gives them hope to make their first playoff appearance since 2002.