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Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy takes part in drills July 28 in Englewood.

DENVER — Jerry Jeudy, a Broncos player, was arrested on misdemeanor charges Thursday, and the Arapahoe County sheriff went out of his way to explain why.

And I mean way out of his way. You’d think in a crime wave Sheriff Tyler Brown would have better things to do than explain misdemeanors.

Jeudy was to spend the night in jail after he was arrested for suspicion of criminal tampering and domestic violence, both misdemeanors. He has a court date scheduled for Friday morning.

In response, the sheriff’s office tweeted “he’s (Jeudy) innocent until proven guilty.” Yeah, no kidding. Weird thing to tweet, though. Next, Brown held a press conference — to explain misdemeanors, emphasize “there was no physical contact” between Jeudy and the woman (with whom Jeudy has a kid) and underscore “this is a very low-level misdemeanor but we take all cases of domestic violence seriously.”

Cool. But low-level misdemeanors in normal times don’t get press conferences. Tell you what, this era of preferential treatment for wealthy and famous people is really getting old.

Jeudy is 23 years old with two kids and a domestic violence investigation. The highlight of his Broncos career so far was his own draft day — two years ago.

You and I don’t know if Jeudy did something wrong. But everyday Coloradans don’t get press conferences explaining misdemeanors. This was a bizarre precedent for law enforcement.

Here’s the annual breakdown of the Broncos’ schedule the NFL released on Thursday:

Week 1: Broncos at Seattle Seahawks, Monday, Sept. 12

You know who loves this opener? Pete Carroll loves this opener. You saw it in Super Bowl XLVIII (the bad one, not the good one): no one plays the no-respect card better than Carroll’s ‘Hawks.

Prediction: Seahawks 17, Broncos 16 (0-1 record)

Week 2: Houston Texans at Broncos, Sunday, Sept. 18

Couple years ago, rookie Drew Lock lit up the Texans to bring hope to Broncos Country. Life moves fast. Now the Texans are on the business end of Russell Wilson’s Mile High debut.

Prediction: Broncos 33, Texans 13 (1-1)

Week 3: San Francisco 49ers at Broncos, Sept. 25

Let’s give Wilson a blank playbook for this one. He’s 16-4 vs. San Francisco, a sensational mark no matter the competition level. His first season in Denver and he’s paired with the NFC West.

Prediction: Broncos 24, 49ers 23 (2-1)

Week 4: Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders, Oct. 2

Oddsmakers say Denver finishes third in the AFC West, Vegas fourth. What gives? The Raiders haven't lost to the Broncos this decade (4-0), and this is the best Raiders team of this decade.

Prediction: Raiders 23, Broncos 17 (2-2)

Week 5: Indianapolis Colts at Broncos, Thursday, Oct. 6

Sweet matchup. Why not bring Peyton Manning to the TV booth? He's consulted both QBs – Wilson and Matt Ryan — on mid-career moves.

Prediction: Broncos 27, Colts 24 (3-2)

Week 6: Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers, Oct. 17 (Monday)

Wild fact: Nine Pro Bowls in 10 years, and Russell Wilson has never received an MVP vote. Count on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert winning that award sooner rather than later.

Prediction: Chargers 26, Broncos 24 (3-3)

Week 7: New York Jets at Broncos, Oct. 23

Nathaniel Hackett scored a lovely schedule in his first season as coach. A solid chance to start 2-0? The stinky Jets and bumbling Panthers at home? The new guy is set up to succeed.

Prediction: Broncos 23, Jets 16 (4-3)

Week 8: Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars, Oct. 30 (in London)

Not many fishing Sundays when there’s a Broncos game. Here’s an exception: 7:30 a.m. Mountain, live from Wembley Stadium. Shoot, pack the truck and be on the Platte by 11:30.

Prediction: Broncos 23, Jaguars 10 (5-3)

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Broncos at Tennessee Titans, Nov. 13

It’s been six years since Denver played in Nashville. It’s also been six years since the Broncos secured a winning record. With Wilson at quarterback, a winning record is the baseline.

Prediction: Titans 16, Broncos 13 (5-4)

Week 11: Las Vegas Raiders at Broncos, Nov. 20

Checked some NFL futures on BetMGM, and get this: three of the top seven candidates for NFL MVP are AFC West quarterbacks. And the fourth, Vegas’ Derek Carr, is coming off a career year.

Prediction: Broncos 27, Raiders 17 (6-4)

Week 12: Broncos at Carolina Panthers, Nov. 27

Pro tip for road-ready Broncos fans: purchase your airline fares ASAP. The people in charge now will keep driving up fuel prices. It doesn’t hurt them and they don’t care about you.

Prediction: Broncos 22, Panthers 17 (7-4)

Week 13: Broncos at Baltimore Ravens, Dec. 4

Manning’s first Broncos squad started 2-3. Then it reeled off 11 straight wins, six by double digits. Safe to say Wilson’s Broncos won’t repeat the feat against this angry backloaded schedule.

Prediction: Ravens 26, Broncos 17 (7-5)

Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs at Broncos, Dec. 11

Trading Tyreek Hill to avoid a mega-contract was a smart long-term move by the Chiefs. But it won’t help the toughest schedule imaginable in ‘22. Bengals, Bills, Bucs, Rams, Titans? Oh, my.

Prediction: Chiefs 20, Broncos 18 (7-6)

Week 15: Arizona Cardinals at Broncos, Dec. 18

Broncos roadies, ranked (from a fun weekend perspective): London, Tennessee, Seattle (hit up Pepperdock Restaurant on Alki Beach), Arizona (play 18 holes while Colorado's cold).

Prediction: Broncos 23, Cardinals 21 (8-6)

Week 16: Broncos at Los Angeles Rams, Dec. 25

Merry Christmas! Lovely day for a Broncos game and NFL tripleheader (or shorter lift lines at A-Basin.) The Rams were a pest for Wilson, who went 8-12 against his old NFC West rival.

Prediction: Rams 26, Broncos 20 (8-7)

Week 17: Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs, Jan. 1

Kansas City’s win streak over Denver is 13 games. The long Front Range nightmare spans three Broncos coaches, 10 quarterbacks and one Patrick Mahomes. Please, Russ, cook up a 'W.' 

Prediction: Chiefs 20, Broncos 17 (8-8)

Week 18: Los Angeles Chargers at Broncos, Jan. 8

Yes, predicting an NFL schedule is silly. But what if I told you last year in May we nailed the final record (7-10)? Russell Wilson will be a blast. But a green coaching staff has much to prove.

Prediction: Broncos 33, Chargers 17 (9-8)

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