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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson will make a Monday night trip to his former town, Seattle, for the first game of the upcoming NFL season.

The Broncos ride to 12 and 5.

Russell Wilson returns to Seattle for a victory on the opening Monday night of the regular season, and the Broncos return to the playoffs with a victory on the closing Sunday of the regular season.

The official announcement of the full NFL schedule Thursday evening revealed that the Broncos not only will play on Christmas Day for the third time in franchise history, they will be in freezing Kansas City on New Year’s Day. The Broncos also will be in prime-time at least five times — Sunday twice, Monday twice and Thursday once —, and they will be on early Sunday-morning TV from London.

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The Broncos will play eight of their 17 games against 2021 playoff teams, and they will have the league’s 13th-most difficult schedule (based on last season’s records). They will have dangerous tests in the last six weeks in games at Baltimore, at home against the Chiefs, in Los Angeles against the Rams, in Kansas City and, finally, @Mile High in the conclusion with the Chargers.

After being irrelevant, abysmal and unwatchable for six seasons, the Broncos will be seen nationally on CBS, ESPN, NBC, FOX, Nickelodeon, Prime Video and all the ships at sea.

Drawing a real break, the Broncos received their bye week after the journey to London for the Oct. 30 game vs. the Jaguars.

Wait! There’s more.

Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Derek Carr, Lamar Jackson, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Kyle Murray, Trevor Lawrence, Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson and possibly Trey Lance and Malik Willis — and Drew Lock!

The Broncos will get a swell 10-day layoff after the Thursday night game in Denver Oct. 6 and before the Oct. 17 game in Los Angeles against the Chargers.

And if that isn’t enough for your pleasure, the Broncos play exhibitions against their 2021 lapdog, the Cowboys, and Josh Allen’s Bills and George Paton’s former team — the Vikings.

The stadium no longer should be called Disempowered Field, and there won’t be tens of thousands of no-shows and Broncos boo-birds as throughout the Vance Joseph-Vic Fangio Eras and Errors.

Russell Wilson has come to town, and the cheers will be back. He had the 12th Man in Seattle, and the Broncos’ quarterback will have the SRO 76,885 men, women and children in Denver this season.

The Broncos have lost 25 games at home in the past five seasons. Stuff happens, but not now. They should win all eight of their games in Denver for the first season since 2014.

The inaugural grand opening against the terrible Texans will be a walkover; then the Broncos will beat the 49ers as they did 42-17 in ’14. The Broncos will continue with triumphs here vs. the Colts and, woe is they, the Jets. The Raiders won’t have a chance to prevail for a third consecutive season in Denver.

On Dec. 11, on "Sunday Night Football," the Broncos finally will end The Curse of the Chiefs by winning for the first time in 14 — count ‘em — 14 games since P.F.M. – Peyton Fantastic Manning.

The Broncos will finish with a victory Jan. 8, 2023, vs. the Chargers in the latest regular-season game in Denver in franchise history.

The home field is an advantage again, and Mile High and a new quarterback in Wilson, a new coach in Nathaniel Hackett, a new staff of assistant coaches and fresh players unite with the best of the rest remaining from the previous teams.

Undefeated at home for the seventh season ever, the Broncos get a ninth victory in Merry Old London’s Wembley Stadium against the JAGs (Just Another Guys).

The road won’t be quite as simple, especially in the league’s best division: the AFC West. The Broncos must travel to Las Vegas, Oct. 2 to, Los Angeles (Chargers) Oct. 17 and Jan. 1 to Kansas City. The Broncos rarely win in K.C.

Those are three losses.

The other L.A. game at Kroenke’s Palace won’t be a bargain.

Yet, the Broncos will prevail over the Panthers in Carolina.

Which leaves away games at Baltimore and in Nashville vs. two potential playoff participants. The Broncos win both. Ride, Russell, Ride.


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