Broncos (copy) Lock

Broncos quarterback Drew Lock throws a pass Jan. 3, 2021, against Las Vegas in Denver. The Broncos lost the finale 32-31.

QB or not QB, that is the question for physicists and the Broncos’ new general manager.

Quantum Bayesianism and quarterbacks.

In an opinion piece for the magazine Physics World, author Robert P. Crease stated: “To get a sense of what QBism is all about, remember that traditional — or “frequentist” — probabilities are objective and considered to represent states of the world.”

QBism in the NFL world is more subjective, as the Broncos GM, who most likely will be a man who has never held the title before, is about to find out in a hurry.

George Paton, Terry Fontenot, Champ Kelly or some, sudden surprise executive choice will have a momentous, meaningful decision almost immediately.

Drew Lock QB, Veteran Free Agent QB, Draft Choice QB — that is the dilemma.

Obviously, the original five candidates were asked that vital question in their Q-and-A Zoom conference interviews.

Or, rather, their QB-and-A sessions.

My assumption is that if they didn’t answer A. Drew Lock, each probably heard a buzzer in the background of the computers. Wrong answer.

John Elway, who is replacing himself with an outsider, desires that Lock, who the man his own self drafted, receive another chance to prove himself as the starter in 2021.

John wants to go down trying to find a quarterback who will bring the Broncos back to prominence in the NFL. He failed with eight starting quarterbacks who were selected in the draft, traded for or signed as veteran free agents. And that list is not even including Mark Sanchez or Blake Bortles, who never got a sniff of playing in a regular-season game for the Broncos, plus a few other guys who passed through town briefly. Hello, Kyle Sloter and Chad Kelly.

Lock could be Elway’s saving grace or a JAQ (Just Another Quarterback).

Lock is not a lock.

People among us in Colorado believe the franchise can trade Lock in a deal with the Texans for disenchanted quarterback Deshaun Watson.

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Good luck. Considering that Lock was among the lowest-ranked and -rated QBs in the league this season, the Broncos probably couldn’t get more than a draft pick in the middle rounds, if that high.

Does anybody around here think the Vikings, Paton’s current team, or the Bears, who Kelly is employed by presently, or the Saints, for whom Fontenot works, would be interested in trading for Drew?

Will the new GM attempt to persuade Elway, Vic Fangio, Joe Ellis, Pat Shurmur and QBs coach Mike Shula (whose father knew quarterbacks) that they should go in another direction? I sincerely doubt it.

But, then, stranger things have happened here. Mike Shanahan once drafted Jay Cutler and then shoved him into the lineup to replace Jake Plummer, who had managed to lead the Broncos to an AFC Championship game. Cutler was a loser. Dan Reeves once drafted Tommy Maddox, who didn’t spit a drop with the Broncos. Elway once drafted Paxton Lynch, who couldn’t even get out of his own way.

The Broncos do own the No. 9 overall pick in the next draft, and four touted players will be available at that position.

Trevor Lawrence will be gone at the top, and Justin Fields won’t fall that far. But Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Kyle Trask and Captain Marvel Mac Jones could be obtainable. Are any of them an improvement over Lock? Are any of them a cinch to be a star?

The Broncos will need a veteran of some quality to serve as a reserve to Lock or compete with him.

If Dak Prescott declines to sign again with the Cowboys, or isn’t franchised a second time, would the Broncos be inclined to jump? They passed on him in the draft.

Could they attract Philip Rivers, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Mitch Trubisky? Probably C.J. Beathard, perhaps Jameis Winston. Would either be an upgrade or even a backup?

Forget Nate Sudfeld — and Joe Flacco (again). How about Josh Rosen, who the Broncos considered when he came into the league? Nah.

Tyrod Taylor might slot into that role after being pushed aside by Justin Herbert.

The Broncos’ 13th general manager won’t have to understand quantum physics.

However, figuring out the Broncos’ QB is more difficult.