DENVER — Trevor Story, for perhaps one of the last times, gave the hometown crowd lots to cheer about during the Home Run Derby.

Story didn’t make it past the second round but said the experience was everything he expected and more. His longest homer was 518 feet, which was the record for both the longest ever at Coors Field and in the Home Run Derby for about five minutes, until Juan Soto launched one 520 feet.

He hit 32 total home runs in the first two rounds, not bad for a guy that didn’t hit his first home run of the season until April 23 and has only 11 total this year. The crowd gave him multiple standing ovations, included after he exited, exhausted, after hitting 12 home runs in the second round.

“I loved every second of it,” Story said. “That meant a lot to me that they really rode behind me.”

Story is due to enter free agency at the end of the season and knows that the team is going to try to trade him before the end of July. He is aware of what the reality is and has dutifully handled the pressure of it hanging over his shoulders all season. And if this was one of his last times, he gave Rockies fans a memory they can hold on to.

“That’s to be seen; no one really knows how that’s going to play out,” he said of the trade rumors. “It’s something I wanted to do for the fans.”

During the All-Star festivities, players weren’t lobbying him to join their team, he said, but they have dropped hints, telling him how fun it would be to be on the same team.

“It’s a little bit of a weird feeling for sure,” he said. “I try to really stay in the present moment and not think too far ahead. Right now I’m really focused on being where my feet are and really trying to enjoy this experience as a Colorado Rockies.”

Former teammate Nolan Arenado, who was traded to the Cardinals in February, and Trevor Story got to be locker-mates once again this year. The two were best friends, and Story, in addition to his cousin Joshua Fuentes, is the only Rockies player Areando keeps in daily contact with. Arenado served as Story’s hype man and waterboy during the derby, getting the crowd, which not too long ago was chanting his name, to back the hometown boy.

“That was awesome,” Story said. “It was cool to have him be a part of the experience.”

The name of the game in the Home Run Derby is taking as many swings as possible in three minutes. For Story, a player who is known for taking too much time in between swings, the Home Run Derby was exhausting. Still, his 20 home runs hit in the first round were the most ever hit by a Rockies player in the Derby, leaving his mark on yet another Rockies’ leaderboard.

“I can’t wait to tell Chuck,” Story said, referring to his pal and teammate Charlie Blackmon.