Rafting Dinosaur

Rafters approach the Tiger Wall on the Yampa River. Rafting on the Green and Yampa rivers is a great way to experience the wilds of Dinosaur National Monument.

Not all whitewater in Colorado is created equal.

There is, for one, the whims of Mother Nature — the snowpack and runoff that determine flows and rapids. Then there’s Mother Nature’s artistry, her landscapes that rise to the level of legendary.

Add these to your rafting bucket list:

Royal Gorge

Rafting the Scenic Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon

Rafters float toward rapids on the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon.

In the boat, don’t be distracted by the canyon walls scraping the sky. When the Arkansas River runs strong, you’ll be busy paddling through thundering waves, narrow passages and steep drops.

Glenwood Canyon

The Interstate 70 drive through this magical realm pales in comparison with the tour via Colorado River. The water rolls about 16 miles through the canyon, including the mighty Shoshone Rapids.

Dinosaur National Monument

Spanning Colorado’s northwest border, this preserve has a reputation for a wall of fossils. Adventure seekers know it better for its vast beauty. The Green and Yampa rivers explore the remote wilds.

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