Citizen engagement is crucial in sustaining America's experiment in representative democracy and voting in an election is not just any ritual. Encapsulated in that act is often the purest expression of a people's ability to choose their leaders, exactly the kind of freedom denied to so many in other parts of the world.

As a public service, we compiled this guide to help you. We hope that you find this guide informative and useful in your electoral decisions this November.

How we put together this guide

Our journalists reached out to the candidates, and, along with information from official sources, notably the Secretary of State’s Office and and Colorado's independent redistricting commissions, compiled the data to produce this guide. The ballot measure analysis comes via the Colorado Secretary of State's 2022 State Ballot Information Booklet

How we cover the elections

We value objectivity and strive to ensure that our election coverage is free from bias. We encourage our staffers to exercise their rights to engage in the democratic process, but they do not endorse or contribute to campaigns or candidates.

News and opinion are separate

At The Gazette, we welcome diverse viewpoints on our opinion pages. Our newsroom does not take a position on issues and these viewpoints do not reflect our news coverage.